Alcoholic extracts with a myrtle base

Our alcoholic extracts with a myrtle base are more than liqueurs. They are the result of centuries-long experience in the art of picking the berries and the young leaves of the myrtle plant. We know how to wait; we respect nature and its seasons. There’s no shortage of honey, the nectar we know so well, as well as the bees that produce it. We call them alcoholic extracts because of these slow processes that characterize them, first the harvesting and then the infusion.

Hand-picked with attention by expert pickers, only the best, ripest, fullest myrtle berries are soaked for long months in alcohol. It’s from this hydro-alcoholic infusion of myrtle, honey and sugar that we get the vibrant heart of our most successful liqueur: Mirto Rosso (Red Myrtle) di Sardegna.

Delicate, aromatic and proudly Sardinian is the Mirto Verde (Green Myrtle) liqueur which comes from the young leaves of myrtle, hand-picked and with respect for the plant’s needs. Honey and sugar are added to the infusion.

The Mirtamaro liqueur comes from the slow infusion of medicinal and aromatic herbs, from the Mediterranean maquis of the Gennargentu mountain range and the eastern Sardinian coast. These herbs are mixed with fresh myrtle sprouts and ripe myrtle berries. We add water and sugar. The result is an alcoholic extract with an intense, balsamic, spicy flavour which satisfies the most demanding palates.

Alcoholic content: 30% of the volume.

Alcoholic extract with a citrus fruit base

Bresca Dorada is situated in the municipality of Muravera, on the eastern coast of Sardinia, in the Sarrabus region. This privileged position, near the Flumendosa river plain, has always been the reason why Muravera is a renowned centre for citrus fruit. The repeated flooding of the Flumendosa river, especially that of 1951, has left a layer of fertile silt on the plain that is 1 metre deep in places. This is why the land is so fertile and why the taste and the quality of the citrus fruit grown here are so special.

Bresca Dorada honours this extraordinary territory with fresh alcoholic extracts which have the flavour of summer.

If you feel our territory; you will feel oranges, lemons and mandarin oranges. At the end of an evening or simply when you are enjoying a beautiful view; our alcoholic extracts with a citrus fruit base will make you think of Eastern Sardinia. Aràngiu is the infusion of orange peels from local producers with limited production. We only add alcohol, water and sugar. Limoncino is the hydro-alcoholic infusion of fine lemon peel with water and sugar. Nothing else is added. Mandarino is a pleasant unexpected extract made in infusion with carefully chosen mandarin orange peels.

Alcoholic Content: 30% of the volume.

Speciality alcoholic extracts

Our experience has brought us to become keenly interested in alcoholic specialties, both for tasting and for the basis of cocktails. All have the same element, the fruit that the generous Sardinian land gives us: prickly pear, wild fennel, juniper, citrus fruit, myrtle and aromatic herbs.

Figu Morisca is the extract obtained from the infusion of the ripest, fullest and most generous prickly pear fruit. The flavours and fragrances are not only of prickly pear fruit but also di almonds and muscat grapes. We add water, sugar and honey to the infusion.

Alcoholic content: 25% of the volume

Matafalùa means wild fennel in Sardinian. The seeds and the leaves of wild fennel in alcoholic infusion together with Sardinian grappa make a wonderful drink at the end of a meal.

Alcoholic content: 40% of the volume

Zin has the first three letters of zinnibiri which means juniper in Sardinian. Bresca Dorada’s Gin is made from the distillation of alcoholic extracts made from juniper berries and other aromatic Sardinian plants, such as helichrysum and rosemary, but above all myrtle. You can taste the juniper as well as the myrtle and the other wild essences. Serve smooth with ice or mixed.

Vermouth: prized wines from southern Sardinia mixed with alcoholic extracts of aromatic herbs, myrtle and citrus fruit peel. Serve as an aperitif. Essential.

Fil’e Ferru, the best Sardinia grappa.

Alcoholic content: 40% of volume.

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