Dal 1985, siamo in questo luogo
e con orgoglio trasformiamo i migliori frutti
che la nostra generosa terra ci offre.

Su sartu de Muravera est su logu chi da
e su 1985 hat acullìu Bresca Dorada
pro podi fai tanti cosas bonas gratzias a totus is frutus saborius
chi custa terra est capassa de donai.


The history of Bresca Dorada began in the 80’s in the Muravera countryside in south-eastern Sardinia, when a student and an unemployed friend, Enrico Deiana and Paolo Melis, both keen on the countryside and bees, decided to take up beekeeping together.

When they found these 7 hectares of land scented with the Mediterranean maquis, they had no doubts. This was the ideal place to cultivate their future. Bees, honey and other products from the bee hive. And it’s where the headquarters of their company is still located

The company was called Bresca Dorada, from two Sardinian words: Bresca which means honeycomb and Dorada which means golden, the colour of honey.

A farsighted choice, as the company now produces and distributes many other quality products and their name has become synonym of growth, of painstaking work, and of something precious and loved.

In the first years, Bresca Dorada was about honey but also about agritourism and true to Sardinian tradition, guests were offered myrtle liqueur at the end of every meal. This liqueur, a symbol of the island, was homemade by Paolo and Enrico in small quantities. Every evening, that myrtle liqueur was a success and the demand of tourists wanting to take a bottle home grew year by year. So they got the idea to increase production in order to sell it but only if they kept the promise made to themselves, that they would always maintain the artisan quality that made it so appreciated.

That’s how Bresca Dorada’s first product, Myrtle Rosso (Red Myrtle) di Sardegna came into being. By mixing a small percentage of honey with myrtle they obtained a unique result: a liqueur that is balsamic, fragrant and creamy.

The results and the appreciation obtained by the Myrtle liqueur convinced Enrico and Paolo to think bigger. They decided to tell the story of their island, its beauty and authenticity, through the taste of the many more products that Sardinia has to offer.


We are farmers and producers but above all custodians. In Bresca Dorada, every process and transformation, from the fruit to the final seal, has the precious task of increasing and preserving the intrinsic value of the territory. Sardinia is a unique land.

Celebrated and loved because rich in contrasts and facets: wild and sweet, open and diffident, luminous and dark, proud and generous. Our relationship with this land is strong, intense and visceral. Which is why we say that we are farmers, producers but above all custodians.

In Bresca Dorada, every process and transformation, from the fruit to the final seal, has the precious task of increasing and preserving the intrinsic value of the territory.

Our choices are guided by research, experience, passion and the duty of always satisfying our clients.

Because our customers obviously want to buy something good but, above all, they want to find the flavours, the colours, the scents and the experience of the land where they live or have had unforgettable holidays.

It’s with this spirit that each product becomes a true project, based on the work in symbiosis with the land without any destructive practices. Each bottle of liqueur, each jar of honey or jam is fruit of the territory and part of our vision. It’s a custodian of our world.


If we had to describe our firm in only one word we would say: “Territory”. A pristine valley of 6.5 hectares between the sea and the mountains at about 20 km from Muraveras. We are in the Sarrabus territory that extends along the valley of the Flumendosa river, from the slopes of Monte Liuru to the mouth of the river.

It’s one of the most beautiful areas of the Mediterranean with breathtaking beaches, marshes where you can ride a bike or a horse, the Monte dei Sette Fratelli (Seven Brothers Mountain) forest where you can go trekking and gardens of citrus fruit. In fact the Sarrabus area is one of the most productive agricultural centres in Sardegna.

Nature, tradition, culture, gourmet cuisine and archeological sites.

It is here, in 7 pristine hectares, between the sea and the mountains, 20 km from the town of Muravera, where Bresca Dorada was started, and still carries on its business.

Inside our boundaries, luxuriant vegetation grows with myrtle, lentisk, cistus, arbutus strawberry trees and the native Mediterranean maquis making up 30% of our harvest.

The vast land is cultivated with 300 olives, numerous types of orchard trees, a quince apple orchard and borders and hedges of aromatic and medicinal plants. In the centre are the buildings with a total roof cover of 2,500 square metres, where all the transformation and production take place.

Everything comes from here. Everything is prepared and transformed here. The Territory is our philosophy of life and of our company.


Myrtle is an evergreen bush native to the Mediterranean area. It grows profusely luxuriant on the two sister islands, Sardinia and Corsica. In Roman times, it was sacred to Venus and considered the symbol of glory, prosperity and eternal love. Myrtle flowers were often used in wedding banquets as a sign of good fortune.

Harvested by hand by expert pickers, only the best and ripest berries are soaked for some months in alcohol. This infusion is the vibrant heart of our most successful liqueur: Mirto di Sardegna.

L'intervento del Fondo (R)esisto 2020 è realizzato con risorse a valere sul Programma Operativo Regionale cofinanziato con il Fondo Sociale Europeo 2014-2020 della Regione Sardegna.