Sunlight, perfume of flowers, dance of bees.
This is the countryside of our land touched by the sea
where Giant Stones are the keepers of our history.
The sounds of reeds rise to heaven, singing the beauty of life.

The Muravera countryside has been
home to Bresca Dorada since 1985,
where so many good things have been done,
thanks to the generosity of this land.

Su sartu de Murera est su logu
chi da e su 1985 hat acullìu Bresca Dorada,
pro podi fai tanti cosas bonas gràtzias a sa generosidadi de custa terra.


Honey, our first love.

Our history is in our name: in Sardinian ‘Bresca’ is the wax honeycomb which contains the golden nectar that is our first love, honey, a love that started in the countryside of Muravera…

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The rhythm of the past marks time for the future.

We are farmers and producers but above all custodians. In Bresca Dorada, every process and transformation, from the fruit to the final seal, has the precious task of increasing and preserving…

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From here you can see the sea

If we had to describe our firm in only one word we would say: “Territory”. A pristine valley of 6.5 hectares between the sea and the mountains at about 20 km from Muravera…

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We put authentic, tasty, genuine Sardinian spirit on people’s tables.

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L'intervento del Fondo (R)esisto 2020 è realizzato con risorse a valere sul Programma Operativo Regionale cofinanziato con il Fondo Sociale Europeo 2014-2020 della Regione Sardegna.