Marmalades and jams

Only the best fruit, hand-picked. Pulp and peel. Citrus fruit, myrtle, quince apple, prickly pear. For breakfast but also with desserts and salty dishes. We guarantee that we only use the best fruit that needs nothing else to be as good as it is. The rest is done by the climate of our land.

Marmalades of oranges, lemons, mandarin oranges together with oranges (mand aran) and Jams of myrtle and quince apple, quince apple, prickly pears. In different size jars: 40 gr., 230 gr., in a 600 gr. glass jar, in 1.5kg. bags. Only fruit and sugar, like our grandmothers used to make. Myrtle jam is made from the inspired union of the best berries, quince apples, sugar, honey and lemon juice.


Compotes of lemon with rosemary and lemon with wild fennel, in jars of 170 gr. Lemon pulp together with fragrant herbs from our region of Sardinia. Cotognata, that is quince apple jam, aromatized with citrus fruit peel. Ideal for desserts and for salty dishes.


Honey, our origin, the nectar we use in the alcoholic extracts. Of various kinds: orange blossom, a thousand flowers, asphodel, strawberry arbutus, thistle and eucalyptus.

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