Confezioni e Idee Regalo

The Bresca Dorada gift confections are ideal for different occasions and represent our best products.

Mirtamaro in its 50 cl bottle. The series of 5 decorated bottles Signs and Flavours inspired by traditional Sardinian crafts such as weaving, ceramics and wood-cutting: Mirto Rosso (Red Myrtle), Arangiu, Mirto Verde, Limoncino, Fil’e Ferru.

The Four Elements, fire, air, water, earth decorate the 50 cl bottles of Mirto Rosso and Mirto Verde.

The Old-Fashioned Pharmacy line includes Mirto Rosso, Mirto Verde, Matafalùa. Figu Morisca, Mirtamaro, Aràngiu, Limoncino and distilled Gin in 20 cl bottles.

The gift line Musicamirto has 6 different decorations inspired by traditional Sardinian music. It comes in assorted cases with 2 bottles, a tray, 2 liqueur glasses and a deck of Sardinian playing cards.

The Sardinnya line has bottles of Mirto Rosso which show scenes of everyday Sardinian life.

This bottle brings to mind the megalithic symbols of the nuragic culture. Available only in 150 cl bottles, the Mirto Rosso Mama is made even more prestigious by the wooden box it comes in.

L'intervento del Fondo (R)esisto 2020 è realizzato con risorse a valere sul Programma Operativo Regionale cofinanziato con il Fondo Sociale Europeo 2014-2020 della Regione Sardegna.